Ryan Harris is no one’s savior. At least not until he sees a beautiful woman on the Strip looking uncomfortable. When she needs to get away from her annoying companion, he steps in to help her out and gets put on the line for more than he bargained.

Their fake relationship wasn’t meant to be complicated. One date to a wedding somehow turned into two and one kiss later all the lines are blurred. Playing the part of Ryann Ashcroft’s boyfriend was easy. Remembering all her sweet touches were fake got harder with each moment that passed. When all is said and done, they must decide if a real relationship is worth the effort or say goodbye forever.

Sarah Harris has only ever loved one man, and then he married another woman. She nursed her broken heart, but it was time to take control of her life again. At least that’s what she told herself when she booked her ticket back to Chicago from her brother’s place after running away like the chicken she’d turned into. That’s when she found herself sitting next to a guy from her past.

Being around Jensen Monroe was easy. As it turned out, Sarah wasn’t as ready to let the past go as she thought. With one small thing after another, slowly she realized her heart might be ready to move on, but were she and Jensen on the same page or was she doomed to repeat the past.