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Happy New Year! Let’s Set Some Goals.

Are you one of those people who loves to set New Year's Resolutions or are you in the other camp who hates them?  For a long time in my life, I hated them.  I'd start off the year thinking that whatever year it was would be different, and I was going to change.  In the end, I'd usually end up disappointed that I hadn't reach nor kept any of my resolutions.
Later in my life I decided to give up on the whole notion.  I thought it'd be better not to have any resolutions because if I didn't, I wouldn't feel bad when I didn't reach them.  What I found during those years was that while I didn't feel like I'd let myself down, I also didn't feel like I'd worked to accomplish anything either.
Recently I've changed the way I look at this whole thing.  No longer am I making New Year's Resolutions, but I'm setting goals for myself.  When I set goals for myself, I try and make them so they are obtainable.  Sure, I want something I have to work for, but if I'm going to give up because everything is so hard, what good has it done me?
I hope that you have set some goals for yourself this year, and I hope that you grow and learn striving for them.  Isn't that what the whole process is about anyway?  I'd love to hear what some of your goals are for the year, so if you feel comfortable, please comment and share them with me.  Because sharing makes me feel accountable, I'll share a few of mine as well.
1. When I'm released to exercises again in March, I'm going to retrain and run (not interval running) a 5K.
2. Continue to clean up my eating and be an example for my family.
3. Set better work hours for myself – and meet my personal deadlines.
4. Tackle at least one business class every 3 months.
There's mine, so what's yours?  Let's rock 2018!

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