Emily Robertson
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Aww Shucks!

Pearls, leggings, and books, oh my!  If you've been following me on Facebook, you might have seen me sharing videos of people showing off their leggings and shucking oysters.  I have to admit that it's become something I look forward to every week.  When the plot of whatever I'm working on is giving me some sort of issue, I can alway count on those live videos to clear my head.  Hey, I even found something really cool to put in the next book I write!
So, what's got me all tied up?  Well, let me tell you.  Ready?  Moving.  M-O-V-I-N-G.  It's a dirty word with six letters.  You'd think after how many moves I've made in my life, it'd be easy by now, but it's always something new.  There are always a million moving pieces to it, and it's so stressful making sure they're all coming together.
Why am I telling you this?  If I seem scattered, that might be why.  Let's face it, it could just be me.  If I can't give you a hard and fast answer of when something is going to happen, this is why.  If you are trying to nail down something, and I'm not giving you everything you need, this is the reason.
But there's a light at the end of this tunnel.  My hubs and I are usually pretty quick about getting our new home set up.  That should mean that I will be back at it in no time.  I might still be a little scatterbrained, though.  I hope you wouldn't want me any other way.  One thing that won't change, pearls and leggings.  Those are here to stay.

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