Emily Robertson
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A Dream Come True

This story starts in 2015 when I published my first book. If you want to be technical, it started much earlier than that. I could say my love of writing was cultivated by my Grams. I don't know how it is or was for most people, but as the granddaughter of an English teacher, things were different in her house.

I can remember showing up to her high school and attending her classes as a kid. I remember book reports that were done during summer trips. We spent a lot of time at the library between our trips to the river and parks. Grams encouraged us to use our imagination and play make-believe. This isn't about my Grams, though. I'd like to think that she's smiling down at me, proud of the accomplishments I've made in life. I know if she were still with us, she'd be one of my biggest fans, my books on her shelf next to her collection of VC Andrews.

Where I was going before I got lost in thought was that I've been on a quest for years now. When I first published, I knew that it would take time and a whole lot of tears to begin to make it. I've had small goals that I've set for myself. Some have been reached and some have not. There are a few that seem like they are so far off in the distance they will never be obtainable. Still, I keep on. If nothing else for the love of what I do. 

This year I was invited to be part of a box set, and we had a lofty goal. We aimed to hit the USA Today Best-seller list. Sounds simple right? We worked for months around the clock. I'll be the first to admit that everything else in my life took a backseat and went on the back burner for this project. There were a lot of tears, we sweated a lot, and I imagine there was even some blood. In the end it was worth it. 

One month ago we released our set, and we worked like crazy to promote and get the sales we needed. Then at the end of the week, we waited for an agonizing three days to see if all our hard work had paid off. Wednesday afternoon came, and I'm not ashamed to admit, I cried when I saw my name printed on the best-seller list. A dream I thought would be impossible to reach had finally come to be. 

It's been one month since release. Next Wednesday will be one month since I found out that I could officially add USA Today Best-Selling Author to my book covers. Most days it doesn't feel real. My son saw the list and was excited...because there was a new Dog Man book he needed to order. My family celebrated. My friends celebrated. And now the work continues. This isn't the end of my story, the end of my journey. As it's been said, to be continued... 

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